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Central Ohio Sound specializes in installation of sound systems, video projectors or flat screen displays, projection screens, audio and video recording systems, acoustic treatments and distributed A/V for churches. Since we began more than 8 years ago we have focused on serving churches. We understand that churches have special needs and have a special message to communicate.

Unlike systems for concerts movie theaters or other places that have basically one function, a properly designed sound, lighting and video systems for a church has to fill multiple roles. The design of the building, selection and location of equipment as well as proper adjustment of each piece of equipment has a dramatic effect on how well the systems accomplishes each of it's functions.

Many churches, because of budget or other reasons, will attempt to perform the complex tasks of designing, installing and adjusting their audio, lighting and video systems using volunteer labor. Some will shop their local music store, which will try their hardest to persuade you to buy whatever happens to be in stock at their store. Often the sales people have little or no experience with installing equipment and even less knowledge about what your church actually needs. Some other churches choose to do their own work because of bad experiences from other "professionals" who have done bad work or have given bad service in the past. Either of these approaches is likely to result in a system that works. How well it works can be very unpredictable.

The most common complaints we hear from churches are: 1. Uneven coverage - some areas are much louder or quieter or have a very different sound quality. 2. Poor sound quality over the whole room. 3. Feedback or other noises. 4. Too much reverberation. These sound issues as well as other problems are likely the result of inexperienced or untrained individuals "designing" or "installing" your sound, video projection, lighting and A/V systems. Although it is possible that an untrained individual will put something together that works very well, the odds are not good. To be ensured of a complete success you need experienced designers and installers.

We are able to ensure a sucessful installation by producing 3D CAD models of your space enablinig us to predict with a very high degree of accuracy the end result of the proposed system.

We have many years of experience not only in installing sound, video and lighting equipment but we (the Central Ohio Sound employees and owner) all are involved in our own churches and, because of our experience with our own churches, are intimately familiar with your needs and what you wish to accomplish.

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