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Central Ohio Sound installs sound systems, lighting, acoustics and video equipment for churches, school auditoriums, meeting rooms and other spaces.

If you are a church looking for help with A/V equipment please follow this link to our page with special information for churches

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Sound Systems

Good or bad sound can make or break a performance. Bad sound equipment, or incorrectly installed or adjusted equipment, can render a meeting, performance or worship space virtually useless. We are committed to providing the best sounding sound systems available and can guarantee every piece of equipment will be expertly installed and adjusted to insure it is working at it's best.


Everything from the basic par (flood light) style lights to the colorful flashy big concert type lights. LED's and moving heads, gobo's, fresnels, ellipsoidals are all expertly installed by us. With most of our lighting installs we can recommend options to integrate controls for stage lighting with house / architectural lighting.

Video Systems

We install video projectors and motorized screens for front or rear projection as well as plasma, lcd or led HDTV's. We also can design and build systems for live audio or video streaming as well as provide A/V distribution throughout your building.

System Tuning

You may already have a very capable system, or older equipment that you'd like to get a few more years life from. We can provide a system tuning / adjustment service to ensure you are getting the best performance out of the gear you already own.

Acoustical Consultation

For our installation customers we can do a detailed acoustical analysis of your room and make recommendations for how to address your unique needs. Sometimes the best "bang for your buck" in sound equipment is not from electronic devices but from acoustical treatments. We offer several styles and materials of acoustic treatments to tame the less than ideal (acoustically) rooms and enhance the better sounding rooms.

Design Service

A certain group of customers may wish to simply purchase a system design and complete the install work themselves, or hire the labor out to another company but lack the experience or training to know exactly what needs to be done. We can provide detailed designs for audio, lighting, video or acoustic treatments that can be followed by any reasonably skilled worker. We provide a final inspection, adjustment and system tuning with each design.


If you need to install something to be hung overhead, no matter what the weight, please do not do it! Serious injury or death can result from not using the correct hardware or techniques for rigging. Please contact us or another qualified rigger with experience working in entertainment rigging to assess the situation before suspending anything overhead no matter how light or heavy.

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