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Thank you for taking the time to browse our new and improved website. If you are viewing on a mobile device, we've made a considerable effort to ensure you experience is as good as anyone on a desktop browser. If anything seems a little off or doesn't work for you I'd love to hear about it.

As the owner of Central Ohio Sound I take a lot of pride in how many wonderful customers I've had the pleasure of working with over the last several years as this company has grown from a small side job to a full time business with employees. We wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for the many customers who helped get us started and are still keeping us going through referrals and repeat business.

Even though I'd love to go give you the customers all the credit, we have not sat idle and watching the growth happen. I have given my best efforts to ensure that each project is done in a way that best represents the capabilities of my company. As a small business, I am present at virtually every job performed by the company. My presence ensures that our high standards will continue to be met and hopefully will exceed your expectations.

Returning customers, I thank you for you faithfulness. Potential new customers, I look forward to showing you what COS can do for you.


Owner - Central Ohio Sound

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